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Authorised Medical Center for Overseas Job.

Enter Medical Name :-

  1. R.K. Medical Center Pvt. Ltd....Details

  2. Razam Medical Centre P.Ltd....Details

  3. Reliable Polyclinic and Pathology Lab Pvt. Ltd....Details

  4. Reliance Health Care Center Pvt. Ltd....Details

  5. Reliance Medical Care & Research Center Pvt. Ltd....Details

  6. Relief Health Care Pvt. Ltd....Details

  7. Remind Polyclinic & Diagnostic Center Pvt. Ltd....Details

  8. Revive Polyclinic Pvt. Ltd....Details

  9. Rija Polyclinic & Diagnostic Center Pvt. Ltd....Details

  10. Rivive Polyclinic Pvt. Ltd....Details

  11. Riza Polyclinic & Diagnostic Centre Pvt. Ltd....Details

  12. Rose International Medical Services Pvt. Ltd....Details
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